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Monday, May 15, 2006



Meadville, PA - Days Inn Conference Center (814-337-4264) - Thursday, June 22
Altoona, PA - Holiday Inn Express (814-944-9027) - Wednesday, June 28
Williamsport, PA - Best Western (800-369-4572) - Tuesday, July 11

The seminars run from 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. with two breaks and a short lunch period. They have been approved by DPW for personal care home administrators and assisted living directors, and will provide 8 CEU hours toward the annual 24 hours required. Please call or e-mail me to register to attend (814-235-0691 or keithc@mindinmemorycare.com). The outline is as follows:


(A) Dementia Diagnosis:
(1) What is it and what does it feel like to have it?
(2) Warning signs prior to diagnosis and how dementia is diagnosed
(3) Different types of dementia = different behaviors exhibited
(4) How dementia differs from/resembles brain injuries, MR, or other impairments

(B) Your "Objective" with this population:
(1) Based on the objective, what are the needs you must see to?
(2) Pain; Hydration; Maintaining weights, happiness and safety; Wandering
(3) Common, incorrect caregiver responses;
(4) Caregivers need to look at Resident Rights in a different light when dealing with dementia

(C) Staff Interventions - develop scenarios of common staff responses to dementia residents
(1) "What If" scenarios to plan for positive outcomes
(2) Potential for allegations of abuse/neglect by caregivers of this population

(D) Dementia Facts and Figures
(1) How much does it cost you if your residents show aggression?
(2) Let's look ahead to 2025 and your facility's dementia population
(3) Staff dementia training-- how much is enough & how to tell if training is inadequate

(E) Trickle-down effects of management, and effective management tips
(1) What kind of manager are you?
(2) What worked well for me in a dementia dedicated assisted living facility
(3) What motivates staff to stay with you and improve your quality of care?
(4) "Better Jobs/Better Care Demonstration Grant" domains and criteria for recruitment/retention of quality caregivers

(F) Multiple ways to improve your care for people with dementia and other disabilities:
(1) Eden Alternative, Wellspring Program, Pioneer Movement
(2) Snoezelen Room
(3) Benefits of these changes to residents, to staff and to your bottom lines
(4) Other ideas to create a safer, more pleasant environment for your impaired residents
(5) Activities in your facility and effects on depression

(G) Summary; Discussion; Q & A; Feedback


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